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The London Churches Refugee Fund raises money to give small grants to organisations assisting destitute refugees and asylum-seekers.


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The London Churches Refugee Fund (LCRF) is a charity set up in response to the needs of organisations meeting together at the London Churches Refugee Network (LCRN), mostly church-based drop-in centres and other front-line agencies.


We launched at Westminster Abbey in June 2007, to raise money to give small grants to organisations assisting asylum-seekers.  Our funds are restricted to London-based projects helping those who are destitute.  We gave our first grants in October 2007 and up to the end of 2017 have distributed approaching £200,000 in total.


While we also support agencies that are not in LCRN, we continue to have close ties with the Network and one of our Trustees normally attends their meetings.

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How we work.  The trustees meet up to six times annually and two of these meetings are devoted to scrutinising grant applications and deciding how to allocate the funds we have available.


We have no staff.  All activities are carried out by the Trustees and other volunteers, so we also hold task-based informal meetings.


The need to help the very vulnerable people who arrive in the UK seeking asylum seems to be growing all the time.   What we can do in response is limited by our resources, for which we depend on a relatively small group of churches and individuals.  Could you help spread the word for us?