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The London Churches Refugee Fund raises money to give small grants to organisations assisting destitute refugees and asylum-seekers.


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We invite you to pray for refugees, those who have reached these shores and those facing great dangers as they seek to journey to a safe place, and also for LCRF and our trustees in the work that they do.  If you have a prayer that we could feature here, please email it to us.


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God our Protector and Saviour,

who lived on this earth as a stranger,

open our eyes and our hearts

to those who live as strangers among us,

make us hospitable and generous to them,

and grateful for the gifts they bring to us.



"Thoughts of a Refugee"

A reflection by Juliet C Brittain


Where is the spirit that will not leave the country of my birth and from which I can never be separated in thought, even though now I live a long way away in that country called England?


Work in the hearts of men so that evil is defeated and new blood leads our country into the future with enough for all and love that shows the world it can be healed.




Lament for Aylan



So small, so still

So beautiful in life

So unbearable in death

Carried by the sea

Carried by our tears

Carried gently in strong arms.


O God

Open the eyes of those with power

To  see  your children in their desperate need;

Open the arms of those in government

To welcome those who come to our shores;

Open the hearts of each one of us -

Move us to sorrow, anger and action

That the salt sea of sorrow

May be turned to soothing waters

And that tears of desperation

May become tears of joy.


O God, help your people.


Aylan Kurdi, aged 3, from Kobani was washed up on a Turkish beach near Bodrum in September 2015. He was just one of thousands fleeing for safety from Syria and other parts of the world.


The local fisherman who discovered his body among others on the beach said, "I came to the sea and I was scared. My heart is broken."


From the blog of Ruth Gee, former President of the Methodist Conference


A prayer from JRS (used with permission):


Lord Jesus,

Give us courage to accompany others, for in walking at their side we find you there present with us.


Give us joy that we might serve others, for in tending the wounds of those who suffer we sense your healing grace at work in us.


Give us wisdom as we advocate for others, for in defending the downtrodden we hear your voice speak up for us.


Grant that in all we do, we may give you glory Lord;

  we return all we have in love to you,

      for you have given everything to us.