London Churches Refugee Fund

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The London Churches Refugee Fund raises money to give small grants to organisations assisting destitute refugees and asylum-seekers.


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Contact us or register for updates 53ce639f6

How can you support us?


More importantly: how can you help destitute refugees and asylum seekers in and around London?

Picture of refugees on rescue ship: UNHCR / A D'Amato June 2014

1. Be an advocate


The first way will cost nothing but does involve a little courage.  We can all speak up for refugees and asylum seekers, standing up against the overwhelming negativity of press and politicians.  Become better informed about the truth, and be an advocate for a group of people who struggle to speak up for themselves.


2. Be an organiser


Can you help by mobilising others or organising events?  Could you get your church to run a fundraising event to support LCRF?  Do you have an opportunity for us to speak to a local congregation or community organisation?  If so, use the Contact Us button to get in touch.


3. Volunteer to work for us


We have not paid staff but we do need volunteers.  For current opportunities, see our Volunteer Roles page.


4. Be a donor


Yes, we really need more financial support to enable us to meet the growing needs of the people we are trying to help.  We particularly welcome as Foundation Donors anyone who can contribute at least £10 per month.  Can you help?  Then click on the Donate button now.




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